Exhibition- MINGHUI joined in 121th Cantou Fair

Exhibition bulletin

2017.05.01- 2017.05.05,
MINGHUI joined in 121th Cantou Fair in Guangzhou, China.
This is our 20th Participation of this Fair. since 2006.
We displayed snow shovel, folding shovelMulti-Function Shovel Sets.
Accessary included: Shovel, Compass, Knife, Saw, Fire stick, Lifesaving cone, Srewdriver, Bottle opener, Seat belt cutter, Haversack, ect.

Multifunction & Versatility

Adjustable Shovel: Trenching,digging,cleaning,hoeing,hanging,etc.

Safety Hammer: Lifesaving hammer/glass breaker secures your safety under various kinds of environments.

Fire Starter: Made of Magnesium, easy to use for making fire, perfect for outdoor adventure.

Screwdriver: Cross screwdriver and straight screwdriver 2-in-1, a practical tool for repairing and installing.

Scale Knife: Scrape the scales of a fish easily before barbecuing the fish.

Bottle Opener: Open the beer and enjoy your drink after work.

Saw: Sawing small branches in the jungle.

Knife: Chopping,chipping,cutting,and other tactical uses.

Compass: Get direction in wild.

Carrying Pouch: Easy to carry, hang it on the shoulder while working or hiking outdoors.

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